Bernard Everett

"My doctor is impressed with how it has impacted my health!"

Since joining Smelter City CrossFit I have much more stamina and strength than I did before I started, and my doctor is impressed with how it has impacted my health! 

At Smelter City CrossFit I feel welcomed and encouraged by its owners and coaches. Everyone is friendly and encouraging. Early on I was concerned about injuring myself by trying to lift or do too much. The owners and coaches have always encouraged me to scale and learn the proper techniques to each exercise. 

I think that anyone should give CrossFit a try. Understand you can scale every exercise to your level of fitness and the people you exercise with are there to encourage you not to judge you. It is far easier to exercise with a group than it is to do it on your own. 

If there was one thing I could change about Smelter City CrossFit, it would be to eliminate burpees!

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